Listen: Machinedrum—”Gunshotta”

After releasing his hugely successful and wildly entertaining video for “Eyesdontlie,” Machinedrum drops another single in preparation for the release of his upcoming album Vapor City on September 30. This track, “Gunshotta,” although just a tad bit more tame than the previous single, is every bit as engaging sans the visuals. The real highlights of this track are its drum-breaks which are fast-paced and get your heart racing in rhythmic fashion. They have both an industrial and jungle sound to them and are executed perfectly throughout the whole of the track. Interestingly enough, they’re contrasted by somber and near-hypnotic voice samples that, at times, are transformed to adapt themselves to the multiplying speed of the drums. Listen to Machinedrum’s “Gunshotta” below and look out for his album Vapor City later this month. Also, do yourself a favor and watch his video for “Eyesdontlie”—if you haven’t already done so—right here on Rhizome.

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