Download: Cage—”This Place”

I can’t begin to express the amount of respect that I continue to grow for New York rapper Cage and his forthcoming album Kill The Architect. He’s only put out two singles so far and I’m already hooked. His first single “The Hunt” is a raw and haunting track with graphic lyrics such as “I cut my heart open for you so I can feel it bleed/ fuck who you like I’m the only rapper that you really need.” His second single, “This Place,” builds upon the dark and introspective theme created by the first with a chorus that begins “every day people die in this place/ maybe it was you who should’ve died in this place.” It appears as if Cage is exploring an ugly side to himself that he has yet to reveal to the public which results in something deeply personal and strangely beautiful. As inspiring as the lyrics may be, however, a lot of the credit must also go to Mighty Mi and his contribution to the hard-hitting beats on the last two singles. On “The Hunt” he provides a slow and eerie beat that meshes really well with Cage’s vocals. On “This Place,” which was co-produced by Slugworth, the two come up with a drum-break beat that contains a chorus that is paradoxically noble yet tragic sounding, if that makes any sense. This version of “This Place” appears to be an alternate version of what will be on the album, which means that the album version has to be like ten times better, right? The two singles that Cage has released so far provide strong insight into what the new album as a whole is going to sound like: It’s going to be rugged, it’s going be deep, but above all, it’s going to be really dope. Kill The Architect is not set to release until October 22 so let’s hope that he keeps the singles coming in the meantime. Listen to and download the single via the SoundCloud player below.

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Cage—The Hunt

Cage was never a well-known, mainstream rapper by any means, but he did have his time and place in the Hip-Hop world in the early 2000’s. With the release of his latest single “The Hunt” Cage looks to be making a return to the limelight and by the sound of it, he should definitely be catching some rays. A word of warning, however, for those who are familiar with Cage—this is not your typical rap song from the former Def Jux artist. Cage has always been known for his witty yet poignant raps and clear delivery, which he doesn’t deviate from too much on this track, but the desire for a more polished and mature sound is clearly evident on “The Hunt.” Whether or not that will allow him to crossover to a new audience is yet to be seen, but should become clearer as we approach the release date of his new album Kill The Architect on October 22. Listen to “The Hunt’ below and be on the lookout for Continue reading