Listen: Jaisu—”A Short Album”

He might be from Edinburgh and this might be his first album but Jaisu has some of the rawest beats out right now. His debut work A Short Album is exactly what its title insinuates: an album filled with sample-based production that evokes all the feelings one can expect to experience from a heart-wrenching short film. It plays exactly as a score would—paying little attention to the length of what a normal beat should be and placing more emphasis on moving the listener when the timing is appropriate. For this reason, you may find three different sounding beats all under one title in A Short Album. One of my favorite tracks from the album is “Whiplash Trash” which begins as a deconstructed beat but then quickly becomes a cerebral instrumental of sorts only to evolve into something else entirely towards the end. However, “Suite In D Minor League” and “Apollo’s Theme” are equally stunning in their own rights. The latter two are available to listen to via the Bandcamp player below. “Whiplash Trash,” which may or may not be a cultural reference to a local clothing shop in Edinburgh, can be found by clicking on the link below the player. Jaisu will release A Short Album via the newly founded Astral Black label on September 7 and can be purchased through his Bandcamp page. Limited Edition Red Jelly Cassette Tapes are also available for newly converted die-hard fans. Check out Jaisu’s music below and pre-order his album for an immediate download of “Suite In D Minor League” and “Apollo’s Theme.”  Continue reading