Watch: Shigeto—”Detroit Part 1″

Critically acclaimed Michigan producer Shigeto releases his third full-length album called No Better Time Than Now. In celebration and promotion for the new work, he teamed up with director Rafe Scobeythal to provide his fans with visuals to his single “Detroit Part 1” which is as much a masterpiece as the beat. In it, we see Shigeto entering and exiting both the real-world and the dream-world and wandering about everywhere in-between. Nothing else about the video—whose well-developed visuals should qualify it to be treated as a short film—is very clear, but it’s all very stunning and helps the listener to better understand what it is that Shigeto is attempting to get at with his music. “Detroit Part 1” is a beat-laden track with ethereal soundscapes that produce a rich yet dark musical atmosphere that is absolutely enthralling. Each measure of the beat draws the listener deeper into rumination until found occupying some of the most profound reservoirs of one’s thoughts. It should go without saying (after listening) that his music has a little of that Flying Lotus vibe to it, which is not surprising considering that they both have backgrounds in jazz. No Better Time Than Now was released via Ghostly and can purchased at Insound Vinyl or Amazon. Although there’s no risk-factor involved in doing so, it never hurts to listen to another track of his beforehand. After checking out “Detroit Part 1” above, listen to “Perfect Crime” below.

[via XLR8R]



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