Listen: YC The Cynic—”Negus”

Holding true to his name, YC The Cynic takes shots at the society that surrounds him and coming from the Bronx gives him plenty of ammo to work with. Produced by Frank Drake, “Negus” has a smooth and evocative beat that YC The Cynic matches perfectly by painting pictures of ancient Egypt and modern times. An especially powerful verse comes after the first chorus when he says, “Picture langston flipping language dipped in Royal garbs./Marcus Garvey did The Garden in embroidered scarves./Politicians tried to hop the fence and fought the gods./Tossed from Zion all we sighted was a fallen star.” The figures that YC mentions in just these four bars should give you an idea of what kind of cynic he is and the tradition that he follows in. There’s also the title of the track, “Negus,” which has its own implications, but for more on that you should read Dharmic X’s article in the link below. Listen to YC The Cynic’s “Negus” from his upcoming album GNK.

[via Complex]



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