Listen: Wiz Khalifa—”Look What I Got On”

Listen to Wiz Khalifa get serious about his swag on this new track titled “Look What I Got On.” It’s an interesting combination between somber beats and raps and a highly energetic chorus and braggadocio lyrical content. While it might be difficult to categorize such an amalgamation of contrasting sentiments,  it’s fairly easy to say that “Look What I Got On” is a track worthy of Wiz Khalifa’s stature. In it, the Pittsburgh rapper does some interesting things with the meter and rhyme of his raps, which is not unlike a typical Wiz Khalifa verse, yet somehow stands out above the rest. He rides the beat exceptionally well, almost in perfect syncopation, and does a great job of flipping his rap when the chorus hits. The release of “Look What I Got On” comes conveniently after the release Wiz Khalifa’s personal line of Converse today and just a week after his latest single “Look Into My Eyes.” Whether or not this single will be included in Blacc Hollywood along with “Look Into My Eyes” is yet to be determined. Listen to the newest track by the Taylor Gang frontman below.

[via Complex]



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