Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson—Your Honor (Prod. DJ Premier)

A new song produced by DJ Premier shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. He’s been active lately infusing young blood into his work with artists such as Joey Bada$$. But a new song by the Gang Star producer on Fat Joe’s mixtape The Darkside 3 is a little puzzling. Over the stretch of their lengthy careers and residencies in New York, when was the last time, if ever, that Fat Joe and DJ Premier have come together to make a track? Perhaps they were awaiting some strange and inexplicable force to come along and combine their fates. If so, that force has come along in the unlikely form of Queen’s Action Bronson—and thankfully so. Although constructed upon a sample many are familiar with, the beat for “Your Honor” is as good as any, if not better, that DJ Premier has procured in his career. And to the satisfaction of his die-hard fans, Fat Joe and Action Bronson do him justice with two hard-hitting and authentic New York verses—they have a modern flow with an old-school charm. Despite the vast differences in trajectories between Fat Joe and DJ Premier, it’s nice to see them come together and make some real hip-hop together with Action Bronson. Listen to and download “Your Honor” below.


[via Pigeons and Planes]





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