Cage—The Hunt

Cage was never a well-known, mainstream rapper by any means, but he did have his time and place in the Hip-Hop world in the early 2000’s. With the release of his latest single “The Hunt” Cage looks to be making a return to the limelight and by the sound of it, he should definitely be catching some rays. A word of warning, however, for those who are familiar with Cage—this is not your typical rap song from the former Def Jux artist. Cage has always been known for his witty yet poignant raps and clear delivery, which he doesn’t deviate from too much on this track, but the desire for a more polished and mature sound is clearly evident on “The Hunt.” Whether or not that will allow him to crossover to a new audience is yet to be seen, but should become clearer as we approach the release date of his new album Kill The Architect on October 22. Listen to “The Hunt’ below and be on the lookout for all the latest music by Cage and other Hip-Hop artists on Rhizome.

[via Pigeons and Planes]



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