Death Grips—Birds

For those unfamiliar with Death Grips, the best way to break them down is one part beats, one part raps, and one part psychotic. Perhaps a more conventional way of describing them would be to say they’re an experimental Hip-Hop group from Sacramento, but that omits the shock-factor that is so fundamental to their sound. “Birds,” the latest single from Death Grips, seems to have certain characteristics in common with experimental producer Arca—who played a principal role in Kanye West’s latest album Yeezus—like loud distorted sounds, but to say that their music takes after Arca would be innaccurate, especially considering that Death Grips incorporate rap-like lyrics into their beats. They have a very unique sound that could come-off as non-enticing to the unsuspecting listener, but given a chance, one can easily come to appreciate and enjoy the steps they’re taking in the evolution of music. MC Ride has a slow flow that is oddly reminiscent of Shapeshifter affiliate Subtitle, but less rhythmic and more abstract. Check out “Birds” below and then maybe one more time for posterity and if you still don’t get it don’t worry, just chalk it up as for the birds.

[via Pitchfork]



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