The Underachievers—Leaving Scraps

“Lords” seems to be a title that’s getting thrown around a lot lately, especially on the East Coast. It was most recently dropped by Harlem’s A$AP Rocky in response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control (HOF),” verse—where K Dot declares himself “King of New York”—by saying “What’s a king to a lord?” Putting aside early signs of a re-emerging East Coast/West Coast beef, the Flatbush duo (Issa Gold & AK) drop their lead single, “Leaving Scraps,” from their forthcoming EP called none other than The Lords of Flatbush. It’s a pretty bold statement to make considering what it implies about their friends and fellow artists Flatbush Zombies, but in all fairness The Underachievers have been making a lot more noise as of late and this track, which was produced by the heavy hitter Lex Luger, is something that you can definitely tip your hat to—pun intended. Listen to “Leaving Scraps” below and hope that it’ll satisfy your needs until the release of The Lords of Flatbush later this year.

[via Complex]



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