Astro Zu—Ma Body Sayin’

Astro Zu has not only been making a splash in London, where he’s based out of, but has also been sending strong ripples that have been reaching across the pond. He has repeatedly been compared to the likes of producer/musician extraordinaire Flying Lotus and although I won’t necessarily go against the grain, I will say that Astro Zu’s music is a little less ethereal than that of FlyLo. Astro Zu clearly has strong soundscapes floating throughout all the songs that he’s released so far, but his tracks tend to be more grounded in beats that remain consistent, but not mundane. His music is thoroughly enjoyable and gives music lovers someone to look out for in the near future. Astro Zu has recently signed to Bad-Life records but has not released any information regarding forthcoming albums so I guess we’ll just have to make-do with what he’s posted on his SoundCloud page so far. Check out his latest single, “Ma Body Sayin’,” below.

[via XLR8R]


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